• New PR in the 2 mile for Jack Van Scoter

    He is at it again . Jack PR'd in the 2 mile event at his track and field meet for Flintridge Prep in Redondo beach this past Friday. This kid is going places! Literally!

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  • Beautiful Lisa V

    Since I started training Lisa women always walk up to me after she is gone and ask me what she does to stay in shape. Guess they aren't watching what we do because when I say she does Barbell Squats, Barbell Deadlifts, Barbell Bench Press along with Kettlebell complexes and some serious high intensity intervals ... they usually give me a deadpan look and respond with "Oh". You want to look like Lisa V...you have to ...

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  • My littlest warrior!

    Learning how to box and kickboxing is a martial art like any other . In children I have seen some amazing other benefits like boosts in confidence, better coordination and discipline . Natalie was eager to try boxing. When she did, it was really a joy to watch her throw her first punch correctly and 'feel' it. Working with children in fitness is truly and honor and a great responsibility that I really embrace.

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  • Jack Van Scoter

    Congratulations to Jack for being named 2014's All Area Boys Cross Country Runner of the year. Having worked with him for several years now it has been a pleasure watching him grow up to be the fearless leader and competitive runner that he is .

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  • Keeping it all in the family

    Rarely do I get the opportunity to work with an entire family but I have managed to achieved that goal with the William's family . The nicest, kindest and just all around great folks that I have met in a long while. Here are the two youngest being put through their paces . Great job you two!

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